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Garden of Bees Variants

This page lists a few variations we think are great fun to use when playing Garden of Bees.  We suggest you first play a few games with the original rules before playing these variations.

We hope you enjoy!

Busy Bee

Before starting the game, take 2 wasp cards, 2 spring cards, 2 guard bee cards and 2 honey boost cards from the Event Card deck. Shuffle these and give 1 to each player. Starting with the first player, activate each event. This will give each player a unique boost at the start of the game. Once this is completed, shuffle these cards back into the event deck and play as normal.

Nature's Puppetmaster

At the start of the game turn 3 event cards face up in the centre of the play area. When players go to buy an event card they can either choose 1 of the 3 face up cards in the centre or a face down event card from the deck, Replace any face up cards bought from the remaining event deck.

Call of the Wild

Everytime you buy an event card throughout the game, you pick up 3 cards from the deck. Pick 1 of these to keep and discard the others.

Hive Builder

At the start of the game allocate each player 15 honey to decide how to build up their hives. Before the start of the game they can use that honey to buy wasps for 6 honey, guard bees for 5 honey and bees for 3 honey. Or they can just keep the honey!

You don't get your single bee normally allocated at the start of the game. Recommended for 3+ players.